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Rick: Saw Twin Lizzy for the first time at the Greyhound for the St. Patricks Day show. Absolutely outstanding for a tribute show and excellent entertainment value. The guitarist with the goatee is a killer player with a killer sound. So are the front man and the drummer.

Kelvin: hey guys, it was great to see yet another fantastic gig on saturday nite, I got their a little late (logistical problems) but at least i caught most of it and got my 'fix' -- looking foward to friday's gig up the road,,,- It'll go OFF!!!!! I Will see you their.- or there.?.

Vic: Totally support what you guys are doing plus you do it so well. You make me proud to own a genuine vintage Thin Lizzy t-shirt....Vic

George: A mate of mine saw Twin Lizzy last week, hasn't stopped talking about them since then. Keen to know when you guys are playing again

Scott: Hi Andrew...I was there on Sat. night great stuff. Enjoyed every minute and it was great to hear some lizzy songs that i had not heard for yonks....We have a gig on the 21 st so i won't be able to come to that one but keep me posted and you will see me soon. Cheers Scott Barclay (La Femme Band)

Wayne: Your gig last saturday was terrific and i enjoyed it, out of the 3 times i've seen you guys play i though that was a great set with monentum and the band played really well. Good to see your really giving it a go. All the best wayne

Marie: Great gig on Saturday. Keep up the good work. See you all next time.

Mark: Hi All, Keep up the good work see you on Saturday night. Cheers

Kelvin: hey guys, dispite the lack of attendance friday nite it went off!!! my freind jane was sceptical coz i was pushin you so much, but now shes a fan, she'll be back!!!! & i'll get mick to post his photo's soon, keep posting the gigs & i'll see ya there.

gazzza: Great to see you guys up and doing it, Have seen you guys at least a half dozen times now from the Dream thru to the Greyhound hotel,and every time its getting tighter and bigger,what a blast it would be to have the five all time best British bands covered in Melbourne.. We have "Twin Lizzy","Piledriver",The mighty "War Pigs","Led Zepped" and now "Stormbringer" its going to be a big night this Thursday ,, Rock on, we will be having a few cheers gazzzza